Speakers for the 2004 Casino Affiliate Convention in Amsterdam

[CAC] = Casino Affiliate Convention
[GMC] = Gaming Marketing Conference

Marcus Hallam
(Director of Mega Panel)
[CAC] Demographics for the Online Gambler in Europe: Sportsbook and Casino
ULYS Law Firm Ewout Keuleers
(Attorney at Law)
[GMC/CAC] Keynote Presentation: Developing and Existing Laws in each EU nation for Gambling Related Advertising: What is legal online and offline
Ross Sleight
(Marketing Director)
[GMC/CAC] The VirginGames Destination Site for the Casino Industry
Daniel Ishag
(Founder & CEO)
[CAC] Pay Per Clicks - European Language Gaming Related Keywords: Selecting the best and most cost effective for the EU
Katja Henneveld
(Account Director Atlas DMT)

& Lawrence Merritt
(European Director of MediaBrokers)
[CAC] Alternative Forms of Online Marketing Campaign Management - Planning, Buying and Analysis for the Successful Online Marketing of a Casino/Sportsbook/Lottery Website
Steve Baker
[CAC/GMC] PANEL: Marketing, Affiliate and Casino Operator Points of View on European Marketing within the Online Gaming Industry for Europe
Yariv Ron
(Business Development Manager)
[CAC] Affiliation with Online Poker Rooms
Manuel Frank
(Affiliate Marketing Manager)
[CAC] Combing Creatives with Content: What works best for EU portals and Advertising.
Michael Casselli
[CAC/GMC] Using Press Releases for both Casinos and Web Portals to Generate Interest and Traffic
Sven Obermayer
[CAC] Workshop: Online Casino/Sportsbook Advertising to Germany, Austria and Switzerland
CashCade Ian Williams
(Affiliate Manager)
[CAC] Attracting Affiliates in Europe

Martin Bongers
(Marketing Director)
[CAC] Workshop: Online Casino/Sportsbook Advertising to Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia and other Eastern European Countries
Kevin Lindsey-Payne
[CAC/GMC] PANEL: Marketing, Affiliate and Casino Operator Points of View on European Marketing within the Online Gaming Industry for Europe
CasinoMeister Bryan Bailey
(Casino Meister)
[CAC] Good versus Bad: Both Online Casinos and Players in Europe
Paul Gragtmans
(Senior Vice President)
[CAC] Wireless Casino and Sports Gambling in the E.U.: How to convert with a casino, a sportsbook or a portal
Prabuddha S. Raychaudhuri
(Founder & CEO)
[CAC] Search Engine Optimizations for Gaming Sites in Europe: Strategies and Suggestions
Vincent Trudel
(General Manager)
[GMC] Land-Based Casino Marketing to Barcelona and Spain
Andrius Macikas
(Marketing Manager)
[GMC] Land-Based Casino Marketing to the Baltic Regions (Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania)
Ricki Chavez-Munoz
(Associate Editor)
[GMC] Casino Marketing Strategies and its Application
Lou Frillman
[GMC] Running Country Specific Market Feasability Study for E.U. Casino Operations
Hilde De Swerdt
(International Marketing Manager)
[GMC] LED Signs for E.U. casinos: What attracts more players outside the casino and on the casino floor
Anthony Tatum
[GMC] An Integrated Marketing Plan to Promote a Casino in the United Kingdom and Europe as a Whole
Lauri Gorski
(CEO & President)
Branding a Land-Based Casino/Sportsbook using Internet Technology: Case examples for EU Casinos, Sportsbooks and Race Tracks
Alex Czajkowski
Direct Marketing of a Casino in Europe

Pieter Remmers
[GMC] Responsible Gaming in Europe: Correct Promotion for Land-Based Casinos Within Specific E.U. Nations


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